Alien Salute - The Sand Wars IV by Charles Ingrid

By Charles Ingrid

The Thraks had killed Jack Storm's commanding officer, and typhoon were given the command of the Knights and the accountability of overcoming the Thraks. yet a mysterious new race of extraterrestrial beings had seemed at the scene--in celebrity ships which annihilated human and Thrakian ships alike! unique.

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An audible gasp hissed through the control compartment. Guthul looked about him in anger and surprise. “Had you forgotten? I have not. A sign of leadership is to remember our defeats as well as our victories. We conquered Opus… but our nests have failed. Still, the crèchelands deserve our vigilant protection. Queen Tricatada expects nothing less from us. ” Then, as Guthul swept around and prepared to leave the bridge nest, he added briskly, “And be equally prepared to break off pursuit if necessary.

And, small though it was, you seized a victory for us. ” Jack barely hesitated, then continued. “The Thraks stalking me seemed to have difficulty sensing my armor. ” Pepys’ impatience faded abruptly into curiosity. ” “All right then. Proceed. But obtaining Thrakian subjects for field tests are your responsibility. Brace yourself for a long week. ” Pepys looked perversely pleased. ” The emperor turned his back on him, and Jack knew he had been dismissed. Jack left. He knew for certain they had been recorded, for Pepys had feared to ask him the obvious questions.

Even though we’re closer, we’ll have no way to beat them out of subspace if we don’t. I’ll take Rawlins as my second and leave Lassaday here to keep taking the edges off Units 2 and 3. ” “Never. And Washburn intimated that the Dominion Congress doesn’t want to hire ineffectual, outdated troops. ” Baadluster hissed in disgust. Pepys waved him quiet. ” “By the time you have a transport ready for launch. The suits are already in the shop being stripped down and repowered—that’s customary after any training exercise.

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