A Sure Foundation: Answering the Charge Against Christianity by Michael Sturgulewski

By Michael Sturgulewski

Because the days of the early Christian church, unbelievers have brushed aside the Gospel of Christ as a fable or hoax, as far as to assert that Jesus of Nazareth was once now not even a historic determine. Christianity, they are saying, is a approach of religion that is in simple terms a transforming of pre-existing ideals and motifs from either pagan mythology and astrology. during this publication, those claims might be positioned to the try out with a view to separate truth from fiction in such accusations opposed to Christianity. also, it will likely be proven in what methods the individual of Jesus of Nazareth is so greatly precise from different deities alleged to be one of the world's many "crucified saviors."

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However, most sources seem to place its composition between the fourth and sixth centuries, again hundreds of years after the Gospel accounts had been in circulation. An earlier date is entertained by David Mason of the University of Wisconsin, who states that there is no consensus on the dating that he is aware of but that it may be as early as the second century. ”17 Concerning Mithras Not only was Mithras not born to a virgin, he was not born of woman at all; but rather, he emerged from a rock, and in proximity to a wild bull, which critics choose to liken to the Christian manger scene complete with lambs and oxen.

Why are many pagan deities said to be born on December 25th? It is true that many pagan deities share December 25th as the date for celebration in their name. This is due to the fact that many of these deities are associated with the sun or the sky, and December 25th has been considered throughout history and by many cultures to be the birthday of the sun. Thus, a deity said to be a sky or sun god shared the “birthday” of the sun. The selection of this date is based on the symbolism surrounding the Winter Solstice (derived from the Latin words “sol” meaning “sun”, and “sistere,” meaning “to cause to stand still”), which marks the end of the darkening of the days and the beginning of the lengthening of light.

To [the king Suddhodana] there was a queen named Mâyâ, as if free from all deceit--an effulgence from his effulgence, like the splendor of the sun when it is free from all the influence of darkness, a chief queen in the united assembly of all queens. … Then falling from the host of beings in the Tushita heaven, and illumining the three worlds, the most excellent of bodhisattvas suddenly entered at a thought into her womb, like the Nâga-king entering the cave of Nandâ. ”6 The bottom line is that these mothers share nothing more than a common letter in their name.

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