A Grammatical Sketch of Classical Armenian by Ranko Matasovic

By Ranko Matasovic

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The word is often connected to Skt. śmáśru- „beard“ (< PIE *smok'ru-), Alb. mjekrë, Lith. smakrà, OIr. smech, Hitt. zamankur, L māla „jaws“ (< *makslā), but the developments of this PIE etymon are highly irregular. ačckunkcn N pl. of akn „eye“ with suffixed demonstrative –n. ) ein „they were“ (3 sg. ) aregakunkc N pl. to areg-akn „sun“, literally „sun-eye“ (cf. arew „sun“). 2. „The birth of Jesus“ (Lucas' Gospel 2, 1-20) Ew ełew ǝnd awursn ǝnd aynosik el hraman yAwgostos kayserē ašxarhagir aṙnel ǝnd amenayn tiezers.

Greppin, J. A. C. "'Hittite loanwords in Armenian", in: M. Mayrhofer et al. ) Lautgeschichte und Etymologie, Reichert, Wiesbaden 1980:203-207. Jasanoff, J. H. “Notes on the Armenian Personal Endings”, Zeitschrift für vergleichende Sprachforschung 93/1979: 133-149. Jensen, H. Altarmenische Grammatik, Winter, Heidelberg 1959. Jensen, H. Altarmenische Chrestomathie, Winter, Heidelberg 1964. Job, M. Iranica Armeno-Iberica. Studien zu den iranischen Lehnwortern im Armenischen und Georgischen, ÖAW, Vienna 1993.

Of unim "have, hold" [Type text] Page 30 October 31, 2009 [MATASOVIĆ, ARMENIAN] z-karmrik-n "red" (Acc. ); Nom. sg. is karmrik, z- is the accusative prefix. This word is a loanword from Iranian, cp. sogd. krm'yr "red". ełegnik "small reed", diminutive of ełegn „reed“ (n-stem) ǝnd „through“ pcoł „tube“ cux „smoke“ elanēr 3 sg. imperfect of elanem „come out“ bocc „fire“, etymologically often related to L focus, but the connection is difficult (L focus is better derived from PIE *dhogwh-s „burning“, cf.

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