A general history of Freemasonry in Europe by Emmanuel Rebold

By Emmanuel Rebold

Subtitle: dependent Upon the traditional records when it comes to, and the Monuments Erected through This Fraternity From Its origin within the yr 715 B.c. to the current Time basic Books booklet date: 2009 unique ebook date: 1869 unique writer: American masonic publishing organization matters: physique, brain

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Emperor Adrian, A. D. 120. This crossed the country from the river Tyne to the Gulf of Solway, and thus traversed Britain from east to west And the third was constructed further north, by order of Septi- mus Severus, in the year 207. THE MASONIC CORPORATIONS IN BRITAIN. 39 immense in their extent, and upon which chains and had heen carried to people as free as they were so slavery ignorant, served now to carry to enslaved humanity, wearied of life, that new and inspiring liberty preached by Christ.

These colleges were, at their organization, as well religious societies as fraternities of artisans, and their connection with the state and the priesthood were by the laws determined with precision. They had their own worship and their own organization, based upon that of the Dyonisian priests and architects, of whom many were fcT be found anterior to this period in Syria, in Egypt, in Persia, and in India and the degree of sublimity to which they had carried their art is revealed to us by the ruins which yet exist of the monuments which they there erected.

THE MASONIC CORPORATIONS IN GAUL. IN the transalpine provinces of Gaul, the Masonic corporations, cotemporaneous with those of Britain, increased in a no less extraordinary manner. After the Roman provinces were abandoned in the year 486, all the countries which had been subject to the Roman sway received with delight the attention of these builders. In those countries they were called Free Corporations, their 1 bership being composed entirely of brother Masons. memCom- *See, for all that relates to the history of the society in France, first Chronological Table, and then the Summary of the History of Free- me masonry in Gaul.

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