A Comparative View of Religions by Scholten by Johannes Henricus Scholten

By Johannes Henricus Scholten

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10; xv. 11; xviii. 11; xx. 3. [45] Deut vi. 4; iv. 28, 35; xxxii. 39; Isaiah, xliv. 6, 8; xlv. 5, 6. [46] Amos, vii. 14. [47] Isa. i. 11-18; Jer. vii. 21-23. —Tr. —Tr. [50] Jer. xxxi. 31, et seq; Isa. ii. 2-4; Amos, ix. 12; Isa. xxv. 6; lii. 15; lvi. 6, 7; lxvi. 23; Zech. viii. 23; xiv. 9, 16. [51] Isa. liii. —Tr. [53] The most original sources of the Christian religion are the Synoptic Gospels, in which, however, criticism must distinguish between the older and later portions. The fourth Gospel is marked by a more profound speculation upon the person and the work of Christ, by which the Christian mind freed itself entirely from the Jewish forms in which Jesus, as a popular teacher in Israel, had set forth his doctrine.

18] 1 Chron. xiv. 7. [19] 1 Chron. iii. 8; 2 Sam. v. 16. [20] Gen. xxii. [21] Gen. xvii. 23-27. [22] Ex. iv. 24-26. [23] Ex. xiii. 2, 12-16; xxii. 28, 29; xxx. 11-16; xxxiv. 19, 20. [24] Gen. xv. 17; Ex. iii. 2; xix. 16-18; xxiv. 17; xl. 38; Levit. x. 2; Numb. xvi. 35; Deut. iv. 15, 24; v. 24, 25. [25] 1 Kings, vii. 25, 29. [26] Ex. xxvii. 2. [27] Comp. Ezek. i. 10; x. 14. [28] 1 Kings, xviii. 23. [29] 1 Kings, xi. 5; 2 Kings, xvi. 3; xxi. 3; xxiii. 4, et seq; 2 Chron. xxxiii. 3; Ezek. xvi. 20, 21; Jer.

In this stage, even less than in fetichism, is there a definite idea of God, much less a conception of him as personal and spiritual lord. The Chinese, from the practical, empirical point of view peculiar to him, recognizes the spiritual only in man and chiefly in the state. His religion, therefore, is confined exclusively to the faithful keeping of the laws of the state (the Celestial Kingdom), in which he sees the reflection of heaven, to the recognition of the Emperor as the son and representative of heaven, and to the worship of the forefathers, especially of the great men and departed emperors, to whose memory the Chinese temples, or pagodas, are dedicated.

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