1,339 QI Facts To Make Your Jaw Drop by John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

By John Lloyd, John Mitchinson

QI are again with a smorgasbord of proof much more fantastic than their final bestselling buffet sensation - 1,227 QI evidence To Blow Your Socks Off.

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The Roman emperor Caligula took revenge on the sea for sinking his father’s fleet by attacking the English Channel. Kayak is an Inuit word meaning ‘man’s boat’; strictly speaking, the Olympic women’s version should be called the umiak competition. A bronze in kayaking is Togo’s only Olympic medal, won in 2008 by a man who had only been to Togo once. There are only two sets of escalators in Wyoming. Costa Rica is home to the world’s only sloth orphanage. A sloth can take a month to digest a single meal.

Serviette is French for ‘briefcase’.

In 1695, the American colonies levied a tax on bachelors to encourage men to marry. In 1831, only 3% of the population of Britain was eligible to vote. Switzerland only gave women the vote in 1971. The man who sent the world’s first email in 1971 can’t remember what it said. In 1973, British Rail was granted a patent for a spaceship. The guillotine was last used in France in 1977. The hollow bit in the top of a brick is called a frog. The wire cage holding the cork in a bottle of champagne is called an agraffe.

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